BRING OUT YER DEAD - The Game of Morbid Family Fun!
RELEASE DATE: Early June 2015 (at Origins)


As the head of your family, you must get the “dying” members of your family into the best plots in the city's newest cemetery. Each day the Grave Keeper will bring the cart around the city and you must vie to get your family members in the cart before other families do. But be careful! The Grave Keeper is lazy and any coffins that don’t fit in the cart will be tossed aside in the river - never bothering to bury them at all!

Get your recently departed family members buried in the best plots in the cemetery to gain influence in the city. You may even have to resort to some early morning grave swapping. Or you could just rob the graves of all the jewelry you can dig isn't like they're going to need it anyway! Influence is everything! The player with the most influence at the end of the game is the winner.

Bring Out Yer Dead Game


  • - 98 Total Cards (30 Fate Cards, 30 Treasure Cards, 8 Gravedigger Cards and 1 set of Death Certificates and 1 Player Aid for Each Player)
  • - 2 Sided Game Board (2-3 Player Side & 4-5 Player Side)
  • - 65 Wooden Coffin Tokens (Double Coffins, Single Coffins, Score Cube)
  • - 5 Player Crests
  • - Color Rule Book
Bring Out Yer Dead - Game Cards


At the beginning of each round, the first player gets to affect gameplay by selecting which side of the cemetery to bury the bodies. Players then bid to get bodies on the Grave Digger's cart by playing three cards from their hand (made up of a core set of cards, plus additional cards that players earn through game play). Once all players have played their cards, coffins are placed on the cart and buried in grave plots in the same order they were placed on the cart. Grave plots are given values based on the amount of influence points they are worth, which will be scored and tallied at the end of the game. Players can use their cards to switch graves, move opponent’s bodies to less desirable grave plots, dump bodies in the river, rescue bodies from the river, and even do a little grave robbing of their own.

Bring Out Yer Dead Game Board - Click to Enlarge

Each day (each game round), the Grave Digger brings his cart around town to pick up the day's dearly departed. The Grave Digger prefers not to overload his cart, so if you have dead family member that doesn't make it on the cart before it’s full, the lazy Grave Digger will dump your beloved in the river – never bothering to bury them at all! No one wants their family members dumped off the cart, let alone floating down the river (earning you negative points)! To keep your family reputation intact and to bury the bodies where they deserve to be buried, you may have to resort to some early morning grave robbing and body snatching of your own! But watch out, you won't be the only one playing those dirty tricks!

RELEASE DATE: Early June 2015 (at Origins)

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