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2020 Overwatch League™ Series 1 Trading Cards Now Available on Upper Deck e-Pack®


The global launch of 2020 Overwatch League™ Series 1 trading cards marks the third esports release from Upper Deck and features never-before-seen chase and insert cards from all 20 teams in the league.

The new release includes a 200-card base set featuring 160 players and subsets highlighting key moments and special events from the 2019 season. Collectors can find new Star Rookie cards and never-before-seen hits and chase cards such as Championship Fragments, featuring six different player jersey swatches, and Combo cards, showcasing one player autograph with a match-worn jersey patch.

Collectors can look for updated versions of fan-favorite insert sets such as Team Leaders, League Leaders, Rivals and Infra Sight cards as part of the new Overwatch League™ Series 1 trading card set. Visit UpperDeckEpack.com for more details and to start collecting today!

Fans can also access an extensive achievement program through Upper Deck e-Pack®. Visit UpperDeckEpack.com to learn more about earning exclusive avatars, autographed jerseys, multi-player booklet cards, relic shadowbox cards featuring match-used equipment and more. Buy Overwatch League™ Trading Cards Now

OverWatch Trading Cards

Packs of 2020 Overwatch League™ Series 1 trading cards purchased on Upper Deck e-Pack feature:

  • 6 cards per pack, 24 packs per box
  • One Autograph and two Memorabilia cards per box, on average
  • An expansive 200-card digital Base Set featuring Players, Maps, Highlights, and Team Checklists from the League
  • Incredible 1-of-1 Oversized Fragment Relic cards that feature a full match-used computer mouse or CPU piece
  • An all-new lineup of Star Rookies highlighting some of the up-and-coming first-year players
  • Combine cards and complete sets to earn exciting Upper Deck e-Pack® exclusive parallel and achievement cards

Team Leaders Star Rookies Trill All-Star Ink Trio All Star Fragments Trio All-Star Poko DieCut MVP Sinatraa

ePack Trading Cards

Upper Deck e-Pack®

Upper Deck e-Pack is the patent-pending platform that allows fans to easily buy, open, collect and trade cards with other collectors across the globe. What makes e-Pack truly unique is the ability for collectors to have physical versions of cards shipped to them at any time. Access Overwatch League trading cards from anywhere in the world using your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Sign up for a free account at UpperDeckEpack.com today and get ready to start your Overwatch League collection!


Collectors can also earn exclusive achievements through Upper Deck e-Pack, including player-signed jerseys, exclusive avatars, multi-player booklet cards and super rare Fragment Relic cards containing pieces of match-used keyboards, CPUs or even player-used mice embedded into thick shadowbox cards.


Learn more about collecting Overwatch League Trading Cards, get a complete list of inserts and view a glossary of terms.
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Log on to UpperDeckEpack.com today to start your collection and find out how you can earn exclusive Overwatch League achievements!


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