National Hockey Card Day 2015
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Limit one pack per customer. While supplies last! Purchase required for 16th card at hobby and 9-card sheet at retail. Get to shops early to get the cards as they are limited and will sell out. Product depicted for demonstration purposes only and is subject to change without further notice. NHL and the NHL Shield are registered trademarks of the National Hockey League. © NHL 2016. © NHLPA 2016. All Rights Reserved. © 2016 UDC. Officially Licensed Product of the NHLPA. NHLPA, National Hockey League Players' Association and the NHLPA logo are trademarks of the NHLPA and are used under license. © 2016 Wayne Gretzky. The stylized maple leaf with the hockey player and uniform design are trademarks of the Canadian Hockey Association. © 2016 Canadian Hockey Association. All rights reserved.