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It is well-established that Organized Play should be an important part of a local gaming store’s business. Not only do regularly scheduled events help a store retain players, but they are a valuable tool the store can use to attract new players as well. If you’re a tournament organizer or a store owner who is interested in running tournaments for any Upper Deck games, we want to help you put on the best events possible. That’s why we have placed some files available for free download on the right side of this page. These files will assist you in running your events. If you’re a player, there are also some documents here you’ll be interested in, too!

First, if you’re running events for Vs. System 2PCG, you’ll likely need a tournament software program to manage the event. MANTIS Tournament Software is a free download that can handle events both small and large, and supports numerous different tournament formats including Swiss and Elimination Bracket style events.

Additionally, all tournament organizers and players need a set of rules to which everyone involved should be expected to know and adhere. For that, Upper Deck’s Official Tournament Policy document is available here for download. This document contains the general rules and expectations for players, judge staff and tournament organizers. However, this document does not contain any game-specific references or answers. For policies more specific to whichever game you will be involved with, including penalties, please refer to the Appendix documents also listed. Appendix A should be used for a more traditional 1v1 game such as Vs. System 2PCG. Appendix B is for the Legendary Deck Building Game, which would be applicable to “multiplayer-at-one-table” games such as Legendary, Legendary Encounters, Bring Out Yer Dead and Firefly: Shiny Dice.

Also for download you’ll find a preprinted template for Vs. System 2PCG Decklists, in case you are requiring your players to fill out a decklist prior to participating in your tournament.

There is also be a Rule Book/Sheet available as a PDF for many of the games that we make in case you ever have a specific question about what a Keyword or term means, or maybe if you just are curious about how to play a game you don’t have yet. Also, the Rulings and Card Clarification Document for Vs. System 2PCG is available in case you want a hard copy to print out and take with you to your local store. There is also a Judge Guide that your local judges can use as a reference to help them become the best officials for your event they can.


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